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Thread: Aggressive Money Maker?

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    Duh Aggressive Money Maker?

    By nature, I'm very sweet and lay back. I'm great at making guys feel good but I notice in the past that some girls get aggressive and make more money somehow. How do you do it? I feel bad but I know I'm at the point I should do the same

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    Don't give a fuck about rejection. Be very confident and have high self esteem so that every pore radiates how much you are worth.
    Keep asking until you get a yes. Don't take no for an answer. Only if he's said no three times do you walk away.
    Don't worry when he says no. "Man's rejection is god's protection", as they say.
    Learn how to smell money. At this point, I can tell just by looking at someone who will spend on me and who won't.
    When one customer's money dries up, move on to the next one.
    Rinse, repeat all night until you've made your goal/ the night is over.
    Have a stripper persona that you automatically slide into at work who's a hard hustler and gets what she wants.
    Work a lot so that you cultivate this persona. It took me about a year to get used to my stripper persona.

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    I feel the same way. I used to work with nothing but aggressive mega hustlers and it was hard core.

    I don't think you have to be aggressive if you don't want to but you DO have to be assertive when dealing with customers and other dancers and even management. Never let people waste your time or disrespect your boundaries.

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    [QUOTE=miss.a.p1600;2830149]I feel the same way. I used to work with nothing but aggressive mega hustlers and it was hard core.

    I don't think you have to be aggressive if you don't want to but you DO have to be assertive when dealing with customers and other dancers and even management. Never let people waste your time or disrespect your boundaries.[/QUOTE]

    'Nother great quote by Mz P!
    There's an almost identical thread in this section I believe, or @ least very similar.

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    You have no feelings about anyone or anything other than your money.
    Everything is an act to get said money.
    You keep going until you get all of it.
    Drop the question sooner rather than later-Don't waste time.
    If he isn't spending, keep it moving.
    Work with girls that hustle just as hard as you, if not harder.
    If another girl requires your assistance to make a sale, make sure she makes just as much as you that way she will come to you again.
    When a guy calls you aggressive, take it as a compliment. Don't back down.
    ALWAYS ask for tips - the bigger the better. Negotiate from a high number down.
    Always try to sell the highest monetary value in your club - if that's the hour vip rooms that, then the half hour, then dances, etc.
    If there are better prospects, skip the dance and go to that prospect. After all, why do a $20 dance if you have a room guy a couple tables away, you know?
    Look good... make sure your outfits, hair, and makeup are on point all the time. Speak with some sort of elegance and make them laugh. Try to find some common ground.
    When one guy's time is up, move onto the next. Don't feel you need to dawdle with him when there's other fish to fry.
    Just keep approaching guys but always have a time limit before you move on- this will depend on the club.
    Don't be afraid to ask for what you want!!
    I know some girls that feel the need to sit around for an hour, two hours to ask for the VIP sale and the guy says no!! This is essentially screwing your night, don't do this.

    IDK if this answers your question but..that's how I do it lol.

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    At this point in my career I can only be sweet/sexy/funny/adoring for about 2 mins if I'm not getting paid. So that's typically as long as I'll talk to anyone, unless I KNOW when I say hi that a little bit of pushing for a song or two will definitely get me a room.

    I make sure to say hi to everybody, and then if they don't go for dances right off the bat, politely excuse myself and make mental notes as to which tables to make sure I come back to later, depending on how engaged they were. I think just making sure to introduce yourself and mention dances to as many people as possible is the most important thing- so many girls will wait and try to identify a whale before they bother approaching anyone- meanwhile there are customers who you will walk up to and they'll immediately say, "I'm here for dances, let's go".

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    Expectation & Confidence. Get into an entitled mindset..even if you're not (really) a high maintenance brat, make your persona a spoiled princess. Expect that they want to spend money on you.

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    Always be confident and act as if you have no flaws... Positive self talk is also good... You should be your biggest cheerleader.

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    I'm in general a pretty shy person, so dancing forced me to have to come out of my shell. Now I'm excellent with engaging in conversation.

    My advice to you is to remember that although it is a social setting, it is actually a job - the "social" aspect of it is all theatrics. I just get on the floor and remind myself that this is my job, I'm here to make money, and time is money... Therefore I can't waste my time being unsure of myself. Confidence and motivation to succeed are necessary to make very good money.
    "Rather have my feet hurting than my pockets."

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    These days, I'm actually making more money with honey than with vinegar. Probably because it fits my persona better (hot girl next door). If I get aggressive, I'm sweetly pushy, not bitchy, entitled, or intense. I switch things up a bit depending on the customer. But in my current region and club, a hard hustle seemed to work against me more often than not.

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    great thread. However I hustle differently according to how busy the club is. If there is literally NO one else to hustle in the club, I will pick the most promising individual and slow hustle him until i see some more potential coming through the door, and then i will close my sale. It gets super slow at my club in the winter...

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    I think that as women, we are not always comfortable with the idea of presenting ourselves as aggressive, money hungry, cut-throat, etc... For a MAN in business, those would be seen as positive qualities. But we come from a culture that says women should be made of "sugar & spice." Point being, that is double standard bullshit. While it may surprise them initially, I have found men will Respect & spend more on a woman who is very clear that her time is money.

    It is possible to assert that without "aggression" and still be nice. I use humor a lot to "remind" guys that our conversations, my time, sharing a drink etc all equal his money. Men, generally speaking, are very direct creatures. So they naturally understand and respect directness. If someone starts "wasting my time" and I excuse myself and he makes a comment like, "wait, where are you going?" I have no problem saying, "I gotta get back to work Hunny bunny! Don't forget, my time is money when I'm here!" He either calls me back and buys dances or otherwise continues to spend or he lets me go and I'm on to the next!

    Try not to think of it as aggressive, and look at it more as motivating them to continue the cash flow. Find a way that works for you to periodically remind ALL customers that any interactions with you are purely transactional. When they start slowing the spending and the money dries up, you can say, "I have REALLY enjoyed spending time with you! I've had a great time, you're a fun person. Unfortunately, this is my job and I have to get back to making money! I really hope you come back and see me again when you can." Then on to the next again. Get as much as you can, make them feel like you REALLY enjoyed their company and its too bad they are out of $$$$, and move on to the next. Keep that momentum all night. These guys will come back to you automatically "trained" to only approach you when they have money to spend.

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    Great tips here

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    Understand that you deserve the money you ask for. When you know that you’re worth it, you’ll attract customers who believe this too.

    Any man who calls you aggressive at the club needs to understand his place as a customer and that your attention is not free.
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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    I don't think I'm an aggressive "money-maker" who stays by the door and pounce on every customer that walks in. Just don't like that style. But I made a lot of money on following my principles. Though it helps to have a buxom curvy tall body to bring wanted male attention. Don't know if I could do stripping if I was a thin girl. Mad respect to all those girls who aren't "well-equipped" while making serious bank.

    In the club, I look for easy targets: overweight, dorky-looking, loner-types, men who are poorly dressed and groomed and are throughout their lives(avoid thuggish-looking men), men with no tattoos and wear low-tier clothing, men who speak subtle, gentle, with no "manly" confidence, immigrants - I mainly target Mexicans and Central American men(Guatemalans, Salvadoreans, and Hondurans) because they work in decent-paying jobs, and many are undocumented so they don't pay taxes, and are loose with their money, other immigrants suck except a few Indians, small men, older white males, etc.

    As well, trust your instinct or gut-feeling. If you sense, within the first 30 seconds, that he's not there to spend or not interested in you or buying a dance from you, just end the conversation and look for other target.
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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    Yes, I would say this one of my best hustles. Personally, I found aggressive behavior works well for me. However, aggression paired with icy behavior works wonders for my bank account. If I play nice, sweet, or the girl next door....I don't make money. It's just one of those things.
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    Wolves may lurk in every guise / Now as then, 'tis simple truth / Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth.

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    Default Re: Aggressive Money Maker?

    I think this is due to the fact that they take on the role of a man and it all starts with money.

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