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    Hello everyone,

    I am a casual customer and recently found out about this page pretty much by chance. I am a professional, married male in my mid-30s, and really love strippers and strip clubs for several reasons. First, I love the fantasy and tease aspect of it. I never expect or ask for extras at a club - the tease and build up is what is so enjoyable for me. I also personally don't like porn or camming, or other overtly sexual forms of entertainment. The fantasy - the illusion - is what I love about strip clubs.

    Second, I like talking to strippers. I find strippers are some of the most interesting people I've met, and I admire the profession greatly. Some of the most fascinating people I've met have been strippers - a girl I met last week is a high end watch designer in training, which I find really cool. I also admire strippers for their hard work, and many of them are in pursuit of a bigger dream. Sure, there are some lazy or otherwise "bad" strippers, just like there are bad members of ANY profession that give the entire group a bad name. But overall I find strippers to be interesting, driven, hard workers. Much to admire!

    Lastly, being a heterosexual all-American male, I enjoy looking at naked women and receiving lap dances from beautiful naked women. For me that's about as good as it gets!

    So all that to say, I look forward to interacting on this site, learning about the industry, and getting to know some interesting people. Cheers!

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