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Thread: Boudoir Photos For Sugaring/Camming/Etc

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    Default Boudoir Photos For Sugaring/Camming/Etc

    I've been tempted to invest in high-quality boudoir and glamour photos to use for camming. I've tried doing trade-for-pics with photographers off fetlife but they ended up being creeps looking for free sex, or not giving me my photos as promised.

    Alternatively, I may ask a girlfriend of mine to take my photos for free, but I'm worried they might not look classy enough for what I'm going for. In addition to some good stock implied nudes and lingerie shots, I want a few classy girl-next-door photos that I can use for sugar dating. I've been having trouble getting the right look for SA and I don't want to use selfies or anything that can be linked to my social media profiles.

    Do any of y'all know any good industry-friendly photographers in the NYC area with decent rates?
    Those of you who sugar - what do you use for your profile photos?

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    Default Re: Boudoir Photos For Sugaring/Camming/Etc

    I saw something online the other day that's GENIUS, in my opinion. If you're looking for pictures on a budget, arrange your own little photo shoot at home (research online how to choose good backgrounds / clothes. And then, instead of trying to photograph yourself, take video. Hold each pose for a couple of seconds. Then, screenshot the video on your computer to create pictures. You can then edit those pictures using freeware online.

    I know you're asking a slightly different question, but I thought I'd mention it since paying for pictures when you're a newb is hard to stomach!

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    Default Re: Boudoir Photos For Sugaring/Camming/Etc

    Another option is model mayhem. I haven't been on that site in over 5 years, so I'm not sure if this information is still relevant. But back in the day, there were plenty of good photographers able to do trade for work.

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    Default Re: Boudoir Photos For Sugaring/Camming/Etc

    I'm on Model Mayhem and... It sure ain't what it used to be. A lot of the greats have packed it in or were banned.

    However, in NYC, there's a good chance that you can find a glamour photographer who will do some shots of you for trade.

    If you do decide to do use MM, get everything in writing and check his model references. If you're able to get out to Syracuse, I have someone I can recommend. If not, putting up a profile will get you dozens of offers for a trade shoot. Whether they'll be worth much is anyone's guess.

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    Default Re: Boudoir Photos For Sugaring/Camming/Etc

    I second Charlie's idea. Many photographers are just creeps with cameras. Not only will you be disappointed with their work, you'll also be fighting off hands the whole time. I know three photographers who were completely professional in working with me. I've worked with around sixty. They really think you can't tell the difference, not sure if that's sad or funny.
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    Close contact, for an hour, for $40? And I guess I'll have to make conversation with them too?

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    Default Re: Boudoir Photos For Sugaring/Camming/Etc

    I'd recommend booking a FEMALE Boudoir Photographer. I did and loved the photos ( I used them in my personal life ).
    My sexy work ones for online ads were taken through mixes of selfies / a rented camera and tripod and self timer.
    I also traded a massage session one time for a really nice photo shoot and was very happy with it ( for my " normal " massage persona ) .
    I was going to trade another session for my naughty massage persona but I was too worried about showing my face.

    It really depends on what you have time for v.s. if you need a really fast turnaround and good work THE FIRST TIME ( in that case, hire a pro and just know you'll get it done right ). If you have a little extra time and can trade or weed out weirdos , you can go the non-pro route.

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