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    does anyone know how e gift cards work?
    If someone sends me a e gift card(email ) to amazon, fast food spot or restuarant etc. Can they find out the starbucks, etc location i went too by contacting customer support trying to find out my information. or can they find out the address my amazon purchase was shipped too ? ... Im not worried about clients trying to get a refund by sending the card and then canceling it. i only deal with a few loyal clients . if one of them tried to get a refund id just stop dealing with them.

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    No, they cannot get any information from your e-gift cards. They might be able to get them refunded if you don't spend it very fast, but not any other information.

    I don't think Amazon woukd give out your address. They would have no reason to need the address a gift was sent to and its likely a privacy violation if they did. The customer might be able to ask if the gift was delivered but beyond that they wouldn't give them any information.

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    Default Re: E gift cards

    Make sure you spend some of your gift card balance before sending goods/ giving a show as otherwise they can get a refund!
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    Default Re: E gift cards

    Either on here or a different forum (or maybe both forums), I've read stories where cam girls have spoken about how their address was revealed to their wish list item buyer (Amazon confirmed the model's shipping address with the buyer). That shit is scary as hell. But since this thread isn't about wish list purchases, and it's about e-gift cards, then...

    For an e-gift card, it's just sent to the e-mail address you've provided. If the guy sends you an e-gift card, I can't remember if he just sees your e-mail address, or if he sees your e-mail address AND your Amazon display/screen name. Obviously, your Amazon display name shouldn't be your real name unless that actually is the name you want to be addressed by.

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    Default Re: E gift cards

    They cannot see your gift card purchases. No one would use gift cards if the buyer of the gc could see what the recipient is using it for.

    For physical giftcards you can look up where it was purchased. Ex. I purchased a paypal cash card and added money to it, then when i went online to add the gift card amount to my paypal account, I could see the location where it was purchased.

    As far as I know that's the only data.

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    If you get egiftcards, sometimes it is good to double check them. If I ever get a gift card I was not expecting, I always open a new browser window, go to the company's website, and email them asking them if my email address received a gift card. They can tell you if a gift card was actually purchased for you or if someone is trying to send you a fake gift card to do something malicious. I have received fake gift cards claiming to be from Sephora and Ulta with messages that say, "click this link to get your gift card number," or "download your gift card here." Things like this are usually a big red flag.

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