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Thread: Introducing - Models! Everything You Earn You Keep!!

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    Default Introducing - Models! Everything You Earn You Keep!!

    Imminent Launch of

    We are pleased to announce the pending launch of a website (MCM). MCM is a social network where cam models and potential customers can become lined to one another. MCM has been created using tools similar to popular dating sites with advanced matching algorithm that will allow MCM members to match with cam models from multiple hosting sites.

    MCM is not a camming site nor an adult content selling/distribution site. We are strictly a matching system that allow individuals (users and cam models) from across the internet to find the right match and then to facilitate the customer and models to find and connect with each other using the model’s normal cam network.



    - Most sites offer a somewhat limited search function to find preferred models using simple filters or criteria like age, ethnicity/geo location, looks, and fetishes only within the models registered on that site. In addition, the search is typically limited only to models that are currently signed on to the site.
    - Viewers can waste huge amounts of time flipping through endless rooms or looking through multiple sites for a model that interest them.
    - Viewers have a high degree of uncertainty that a given model will provide the type of viewing experience/service that they want. Must spend additional time and possibly money to “get to know” what the model will do and if they find that model desirable.

    - Have difficulty finding and attracting viewers who want to spend. Must spend time/attention on viewers who may just be curious or who have no intention of paying for services.
    - Having to work multiple sites and work through long hours and schedules to gain new clients
    - Lack of web traffic driven to their work site and any sites related to their services.
    - Lack an easy to use method to differentiate themselves from hundreds or possibly thousands of other models on the same site.
    - Disadvantage of site layout, most popular chat rooms or highest-scoring models appear at the top of the page, and the struggling models and newest models are hidden far down of the list, meaning less traffic, less money, and less chance to cultivate a following.
    - Popular models tend to feel over whelmed managing a busy room and unable to monetize their business to the fullest potential.

    Once an MCM member gone through the matching process and identified potential cam models that might interest them, they may begin to connect with the models in a variety of means.

    Once a model has created a profile they will be able to link:
    • Model chat room | Online profile
    • Model personal web pages
    • Promote all their content spaces
    • All social media

    Model will have the option to promote:
    • Gift registry – allowing members to purchase through their cam network or content network
    • Offline tip, donation, or tribute- purchased through their cam network or content network
    • Premium networks (KIK, Snapchat, etc.) – purchased through their cam network or content network
    • Videos and gallery – purchased through their cam network or content network
    • Contents – clothing, panties, etc. – purchased through their cam network or content network

    Members will have the ability to:
    • Book private session with model purchased through network and session will take place through camming network or any network available for session.

    Models will have the ability to:
    • Set your own range on price and time for private session and get matched to members with the same range.
    Ex: 1000 – 2000 Tokens | Credits | Gold
    or $71 - $100 Dollar Amount
    Minimum Time 5 - 10 Minutes
    Maximum Time 15 - 20 Minutes

    • Allow members to purchase private session through your multiple platforms.
    Ex: Camming Network
    Content Network
    Skype | Skyprivate
    Solo Site

    • Accept booking of private session when it's convenient and profitable for you.

    Through MCM, members who match with you will be redirected to your cam network or any network related to you! This will draw new users to you generating new traffic from uncommitted customers as well as customers from other sites. Resulting in increased traffic and transactions.


    Five years from now, will be the largest successful online Adult Social Network for all camming industry also known as live adult content industry.

    This site will be a powerful marketing tool for all cam models. This includes female, male, couples, porn star status, and transsexual cam models. It will offer the greatest in-depth analysis based on desired, highly nuanced categories and preferences, as there currently is not enough info about the model before the show loads.

    This site will allow viewers to find and select models based on the viewer’s preferences from age, gender, language, appearances, personalities, fetishes, fantasies, skills, specializations, etc. There are too many models and sites, which can make the decision very difficult to make. It is a one-stop directory containing all models from camming sites.

    This site will allow models to find viewers who are willing to pay based on their client’s preferences. They will be matched up and contacted by these viewers right away. They will be able to find more popularity and recognition by elaborate biographies. Models will be able to post what site they work for, promote their solo site, advertise merchandise and content, and allow viewers to know exactly what they offer.

    Models Join for FREE! Be one of the first to join an exclusive social network where models can connect directly with the users looking for them. Click on our website link to join and be notified when our site goes live!

    Best regards,


    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter: @mycammatch
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    Default Re: Introducing

    I guess you earn money by injecting your own affiliate links everywhere when you redirect the customers to the models' cam network (or related) site.

    Your website is not responsive and looks like you made it in paint (sorry, but it does). I can imagine you need to improve that asap and check your spelling before anyone signs up. I personally don't like when sites who didn't even start yet call themselves "the world largest" (it's spelled: the world's largest).

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    Default Re: Introducing

    Thank you for the concern and feedback.

    The site you see is not the actual website. Is is a "Coming Soon Page" to collect interest from potential users for the service. Once the site launches you are more welcome to express your opinions. First and foremost, how a website generate income or the strategies/methods used is strictly the business of the creator or the owner of the site. We apologize for the typing error and that shall be corrected.

    On a more positive note!...

    MCM is designed to attract customers from across the internet and various cam sites to the model who is optimal for their business. By using advanced matching algorithms, we will connect you with members who know what type of content you provide as well as what you do best and desire that combination. That helps ensure that your time online is used efficiently and lets you optimize your revenue doing what you like to do most.

    MCM is not a cam site or a content site! We do not take a percentage of session revenue from models. You keep what you earn. That's because MCM was created by a model to help other models connect with the best customers and make more money. Everything you earn you keep.

    All adult cam sites claim they provide the best service but truth be told, it is the models who provide the real quality customer service. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Models sign up for FREE!


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    Default Re: Introducing - Models! Everything You Earn You Keep!!

    So in fact this is just a page to collect emails from models and web surfers with the promises that in the future this site might be something or whatever.

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    Default Re: Introducing - Models! Everything You Earn You Keep!!

    Sounds like a good idea

    Is there anyone out there at present who provides the same service as MCM?

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    Default Re: Introducing - Models! Everything You Earn You Keep!!

    Our “Coming Soon” page has three goals in mind: to announce the actual website’s impending launch, offer some explanation of the site’s purpose, and to allow early visitors an opportunity to take part by signing up prior to launch. Any further information will be provided to those who seek interests to a yet-to-be-released service.

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    Default Re: Introducing - Models! Everything You Earn You Keep!!

    Whats the service again?

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