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Thread: new to pp, what's normal?

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    Default new to pp, what's normal?

    I just got in contact with an agency about doing pp, but i've only danced at one club for only a couple of months. I was just wondering if girls preferred doing pp over club work? Im concerned because this agency does girl on girl which ive no experience with, is that pretty much the protocol for most pp agencies? Also, if you were ever hesitant about girl on girl did you seem to get over it after a couple pp? Sorry if these exact questions have been asked in the same post before, just having some anxiety but from what ive read the money is decent so I wanna try it out.

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    Default Re: new to pp, what's normal?

    Unless they have you doing sex shows, most "girl on girl" as far as stripping is concerned is light kissing and touching, it is really not a big deal.
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    Default Re: new to pp, what's normal?

    At the private party company I worked for, girl-on-girl was sex shows with double-headed dildos. And yeah, I did get used to it pretty quick. The quick, guaranteed money helped with that.

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    Default Re: new to pp, what's normal?

    I haven't worked in a club yet. Just PP's. I love them but as far as girl girl stuff what that's meant for me and my partner is boob grabbing, ass spanking and dildo shows. I've used dildos on her and she's used them on me. Took a few to get used to it but def makes some money. The girl I do parties with is into full on girl girl oral shows but I haven't done it yet. I am very curious but just haven't ventured into it yet.

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