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Thread: Are their any good clubs in Virginia

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    Default Are their any good clubs in Virginia

    Hey. Im highly considering dancing but I dont know what clubs their are in Virginia that are worth me fling to. I live in the south east Hampton roads area. Cheetahs was a good club to make money at but i heard it went downhill and is kind of deserted these days. This will be my first time dancing btw and I am a slender african American so im not sure what club to go to. So if anyone has been to clubs in hampton roads,or richmond ,Virginia. May e even DC it would be great help.

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    I worked in Virginia for about 6 years and did really well at the Paper Moon in Richmond (Scott's Addition), but the owner is a nightmare to deal with and the club has really gone to shit. A lot of my friends work at Rouge now and do ok; the clubs in DC are only stage money and pretty terrible IMO but probably better than anything down in the Hampton Roads area.

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    If you decided to work in Hampton Roads I would recommend Headlights or Minx. You tend to get a lot of young military guys with nothing else to spend it on. They both have some form of lap dance so there is potential to hustle. Club Rouge and paper moon are your best bets in Richmond.
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