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Thread: Vanilla job after dancing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DorienG View Post
    You're so lucky to get all these benefits. There is not a gym or studio I know in Los Angeles that would offer a 401K.
    Im considering getting into personal training alongside dancing and camming..but dont have a lot of money to pay for a course at the moment. what is the earning capability in your experience in comparison to sexwork?

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    I know this is an old thread, but I just want to point something out more than one poster has mentioned.

    Sorry, not being rude or blunt; just using the least amount of words. With regard to your tax filings from the past. The only jobs I have EVER heard of where they might ask about past tax returns is if you need to be bonded to do something in the financial field. IE loan officers, sell insurance in some states; etc. or possibly if you are President of the US but apparently then you can just refuse to show them and no one will do a damn thing about it. It is extremely abnormal that a future employer will see copies of your past tax returns.

    If you reported the name of a club to the credit bureaus, I would take it off in case an employer requires a credit check. But as someone else mentioned unless you were arrested for something it is unlikely to come up. Say you didn't work, that you were a homemaker. No one can really question that.
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    Default Re: Vanilla job after dancing?

    With personal training and online, you can build a very profitable online audience.

    So if your going the route of being a personal trainer look at people who have built their businesses online. It might give you ideas on what you can do or also ways of keeping your past life as a dancer your own business.
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