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    Someone is constantly dragging you down a black hole of abyss. Yes it is that dramatic. Yes I allow it. What what do you do when this person becomes an enabler, and eventually you lose your thought processes, your independence, and your desire to achieve the true happiness on your own efforts singlehandly decrease. When this crap situation that's dragging you down every week.

    In in your mind you think this is it, this is the last week. An argument ensues. Painful arguments that saps your energy. Should mention I found out today I need a blood transfusion today because I'm anemic so I need all of my energy.

    So here comes the next week. Oh I'm sorry. I'll buy you this, I'll get you this, I'll take care of that. Everything that my heart desire. Yes I know all money ain't good money. I suffer from depression as is. This is turning me into a lazy, non thinking person. That's not me I used to be a go getter. This person is taking away my pride.

    Please help! This has being going on for a little over a year. Ugh I NEED MY SANITY BACK!
    whats left anyway

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    Read my thread in life support section about Toxic People.. I'll go & bump for ya
    Good luck I

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