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Thread: Clean/Non-extras Clubs In Southeast Michigan

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    Default Clean/Non-extras Clubs In Southeast Michigan

    I live in Southeast Michigan, and in most of the clubs, extras are seen in the norm. This is not why I go to the club. With that in mind, I thought I would start a thread for clean/non-extras clubs, so dancers and customers do not have to search as hard as I did. This is what I have found.

    1. HT's is my favorite club. It's urban and laid back and I have never been offered anything but a dance. It's a little bit of a dive. Dances are high contact, which customers might like, but dancers may not be into.

    2. I have heard Traffic Light in Mount Clemens is a non-extras club. It is definitely also a dive. What keeps me from going there is their twitter feed is like a digital Trump Rally. If that does not bother you, this one might be a good club to check out. I know the dancers don't control the twitter, but some of my money is inevitably going to the house.

    3. Bouzouki is supposed to also be clean and higher end. I have never been.

    4. I have been to the Leopard Lounge in Windsor. It's full nude and clean.

    Anybody else?

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