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Thread: Looking for female adult models!

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    Default Looking for female adult models!

    Hello everybody!

    We are an agency for adult entertainment with over 15yrs of experience. Thanks to our worldwide network, we convey fresh talents to well-known producers in many countries.
    It doesn't matter if you're big or small, chubby or skinny etc. It 's more important that you enjoy erotica and like to show off on camera. If that's the case we offer you professional support to make a career in the adult entertainment industry.

    At the moment we are especially searching for female models who do anal, bukkake and/or gangbang scenes.
    Region: North / South America, Europe, Russia, Australia
    Compensation: upto 5.000,- per shoot / expenses paid

    Simply fill the following application form:
    We are searching for new Talents:

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    Default Re: Looking for female adult models!

    0.o says, "Form not found. This form was disabled." Another wannabe porn agency, I'm guessing.

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    Default Re: Looking for female adult models!

    Compensation up to $5000 per scene..... LIAR!
    Doing Anal, Bukkake & Gangbangs right off the bat is a career ender.

    Shooting porn in Russia is illegal.
    No one flies girls out to shoot in all those countries either. Only male talent goes with companies to other countries in order to shoot with women & the TS. They don't fly female performer down to South America, Europe or Russia to do shoots. Maybe the top 1% will be flown to Europe & that is rare. They all have content providers in LA or Vegas to shoot the girls.

    15 years of experience & your site ends in a tk?

    Actually, it does matter if you are chubby or skinny. There is only one agent who really has represented BBWs & that is rarely is Jim Powers. Notice you didn't list your name............. Why not? Who are you? You also didn't list a phone number either?

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    Duh Re: Looking for female adult models!

    We get some winners on this site!

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