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    Default Just gotta vent

    For Atlanta being known for strip clubs, the clubs out here sure have gone to hell. Seems like all clubs are turning into brothels. The club I have been working in for the past 2 years, it's all of a sudden a twilight zone. Pretty girls struggling while new girls who wouldn't have even gotten hired when I first started are getting all the attention because they are coming from clubs known for extras, and bringing that shit over with them. I feel like I work In a zoo. It used to be almost nothing but gorgeous women there. Now there's a small handful, and the rest look..... less than acceptable to put it nicely. It's been this way for a few months. Bouncers who used to do their job are now turning a blind eye to extras, letting customers get away with more and more. Hell, last week I myself had to throw a guy out because my bouncer just brushed off the situation. Money used to be great. Now $400 is a good day. Some days I'm walking with under $100. I've never struggled like this.

    The club before, same story. When i first started, fantastic money, but then turned seriously into extras. Girls fucking on the floor for $100.... obviously can't go back there.

    Follies, brothel. Seen that nasty shit with my own eyes.
    Oasis, been there done that. Never again. Brothel, the worst management.
    Pink Pony, dead. Washed up. Not what it used to be for sure.
    Tattletales...... lol. No. Gross.

    Every club here is fucking disgusting. Atlanta doesn't have strippers, they are damn prostitutes. I'm starting to think there's no class here. I am like the poster child for cheetah, thin, tan, blonde, big Fake boobs, and I've been told by customers I need to go there, but they are under some investigation right now for, surprise, sex happening in VIP. I hear it's been dead as hell over there.

    It just blows my mind. It's these ugly bitches who can't convince men they are worth $10 if they aren't rubbing on their dick. Ugh. Like come on. Atlanta is fucking cheap as 8t is. $10??? Fully nude? Cheap. And they are doing entirely too much for $10. It's as if customers in my club d9nt want pretty girls anymore. Me and a few of my friends who have been there for years are all seeing it. I start to feel like somethings wrong with me when I get on stage smiling, trying to put on a good show, make $6.and then a chubby girl who looks like she just had a litter of puppies, could at one time have been a man, greasy hair, church shoes, tweaking on god only knows what, and literally stinks, makes far more right after me. Not cute in any sense of the word.

    Christ. I need a new fucking job. Or relocation.

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    Default Re: Just gotta vent

    Extras in the SC are bad. Sorry you're experiencing this. But boo on you for being whorephobic. You're a sex worker, too. According to society, strippers=prostitutes. We are all the same in their eyes. You're no better than anyone. We're all on the same side.

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    I don't think she's being whorephobic unless I missed something. Prostitutes is the less PC term for escorts and escorts don't belong in clubs.
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    Ok so i gotta turn up the moronic drunk slut

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    What Selina said.......I have no issues with escorts when they do their work on their own time but I don't think they belong in clubs and can emphasize with the OP because there has been quite a bit of that in my club and city too.

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    I feel like what OP described is just a part of this new generation of young hoes. They have no conceptulization of their worth and are willing to give the most away for the cheapest amount. And men want higher mileage for lower costs, so they choose them over you. $100 for seasoned good-looking strippers=a couple drinks, convo at the bar, and a small preview dance before we head to the back. $100 for this new breed of dancers is full blown sex. I've quit many a club in utter frustration after watching the young dumb (and headed to retirement milfs) give free dances on the floor. They dance around a group of men in their thong out on the floor and let men touch and rub on them. For like 10 songs. (WTF). When it's all said and done, she has $12 in her underwear. Meanwhile, I've made nothing because all the men now want these "on the floor" dances. Management spoke to them several times, but nothing changed. I just walked out. This is why I want to work with bad bitches only at this point in my career.
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    when i started years ago, older dancers from the 90s mentored us. if you did shit, you were run out of the club. that isn't being enforced now. clubs are not thinking long term. they are thinking of making the most buck for today and the dancers reflect that as well. some customer behavior has changed. some men like those 'trashy women' because the men feel they could get away with more with that girl. i've seen this behavior outside of the club. some men go after women they specifically find 'unattractive' because they believe they can treat that woman worse and get away with it.

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    Default Re: Just gotta vent

    I feel for ya. It's the same way at clubs here. There used to be standards at clubs, now they just seem to hire anyone(lol @ the litter of puppies comment, have seen that here too and some girls with obvious track marks on their arms) and there's no longer any emphasis on dancing. It's all straight to the vip. I have nothing against escorts but they don't need to be doing their services in the clubs. This is why I no longer work in the clubs.

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