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Thread: How much do the dancers average in atlanta these days?

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    Default Re: How much do the dancers average in atlanta these days?

    Google rich stripper, millionaire stripper, etc. Then Google poor stripper, minimum wage stripper, etc.

    Pick what you want to hear and roll with it.

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    Default Re: How much do the dancers average in atlanta these days?

    Quote Originally Posted by lioness11 View Post
    In response to #3 I actually am intrested in dancing but couldn't check out the clubs because I'm under 21. Anywhere I go is taking a shot in the dark. But I did manage to get hired at a few places. First Strokers but decided against it because I wasn't trying to pay that $300 liscence, then Eye Candy (where I danced my first night, but didn't come back because it was too hood for my taste and it didn't seem like there was money in the club. And now I just got hired at Oasis and will start tomorrow on night shift(:
    But best believe once I'm a steady dancer, I'm not gonna be stingy with information like you guys. Smh

    "No one helped us when we were new" ummm so? Just because u struggled in the beginning means everyone else should? I'm all about uplifting others and helping them. Stripping is a rough world to get into and I would never want someone walking in blind if I hand the opportunity to help them.
    Lmfao. Ok, calm down. You are getting too upset and not reading what the other girls are saying. No one is telling you to struggle and that they won't help you. No one is going to hold your hand and guide you. That's not the nature of this business. No matter how much advice someone gives you, you still have to go out there and experience the stripper world on your own. You could have 10 girls tell you to go to a specific club and you will make X amount, and then when it doesn't happen, you will get mad and blame them. It doesn't work like that. Use this site and google to find club reviews. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Then give it a shot. Only you can decide if a club is a good fit for you.

    Like Eye Candy, I tried that club with a friend last year. She said she did good there and I was willing to give it a chance. It sucked! The second we got there, it felt gross, ghetto and ratchet. I would never work there again, but my friend liked it. It didn't work out for me but I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't have gotten off my ass and checked it out. Even after doing research on places, I have gone there and not made money or not liked it there. That's just how it is.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: How much do the dancers average in atlanta these days?

    Perfectly well said ^

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    Default Re: How much do the dancers average in atlanta these days?

    The best advice I can give to you is to take it seriously. Otherwise you're spinning your wheels to make a ton of money and have nothing to show for it later on (most strippers). When I worked in ATL in 2015, I would TYPICALLY make 1.5k in three days of working. I do not work at urban clubs. I saw that things didn't work out for you at your previous club. The next club you have to really take it seriously if its supposed to be YOUR JOB. Minimum drinking and budget your money. Don't go there to party. Also dancing isn't as glamorous as it may seem although it can be great money for a smart girl! I feel like it should be used as a stepping stone to something greater.
    Dress to kill the wallet.

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    Default Re: How much do the dancers average in atlanta these days?

    When it comes down to it, you are the ONLY one on that stage at that time. No one can predict if you can dance or strip, no on can predict if you are sexy or not, no one can predict whether or not you have stage presence or can develop it.

    Forums, hell the internet didnt' exist as we know it to ask other such questions. NOPE, I took my ass down to the local titty bar, walked in the door. Manager took one look & yelled out across the room "You're Hired". Do you have pasties & a pair of 5 inch heels with you?

    I worried more about what outfit to wear on stage, what song I'd strip too, can I walk in those high heels........ How much would I make wasn't it, I just wanted to be on a STAGE!!!!

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