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Thread: Dancing in NYC- where to apply as a newbie?

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    Default Dancing in NYC- where to apply as a newbie?

    Hi everyone!

    I've read SW and I'm thinking of becoming a stripper. I'm a complete newbie. I'd like to apply in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

    - Are there any clubs I shouldn't apply for with my looks? I'm 5'3, Eurasian, 118lbs, 34A, no tattoos. I want to work somewhere clean.

    - I'm intimidated by the Manhattan clubs and was thinking of starting at Pumps to learn the ropes. Is this a good idea or should I take the plunge?

    - I'm also worried about the upfront cost (clothes, nails, makeup etc). Would it better to work at a more divey place to being with, make money and then invest in clothing?

    - On other threads, everyone has said Manhattan is very hard to break into. I have no experience at all so feeling scared. How tough do you have to be?

    I've read all of the NY threads, would appreciate anyone's advice


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    Default Re: Dancing in NYC- where to apply as a newbie?

    I would try Rick's. I would not bother with Pumps.

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