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Thread: Never danced before, audition / application questions etc

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    Default Never danced before, audition / application questions etc

    Iím considering auditioning at Deja Vu in Nashville and Iíve never danced before but Iíve cammed
    for years. Does anyone know what they require for the audition specifically or have any advice? (Ex: when I went to Cheetah Atlanta to audition I had no idea she wanted me to jump on the main stage and dance that night so I chickened out lmao, info like that would be beneficial)

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    Default Re: Never danced before, audition / application questions etc

    yea it's not like a regular job where you just go fill out an application and they call you, you should be prepared to do a stage audition at least, usually they let you start working the same night. so you should have all your work gear and makeup done when you go in. call and ask when they do auditions so you know what time to go.. also bring your ID and social security card. if they want to hire you after seeing you dance, you'll have to fill out some paperwork and let them scan your ID/SS

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    Default Re: Never danced before, audition / application questions etc

    Call and ask the club what they require, and what hours you can audition at. Some clubs only take auditions during certain hours or with certain managers, so it's best to find out beforehand. Generally, you will need to bring your ID and possibly your SS card. You should bring an outfit, stripper heels, and go in full hair/makeup ready to work because they want to see what you will actually look like if hired, and most of the time you'll be able to begin working that night. You will almost always have to go on stage and dance so be prepared for that.

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