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Thread: Anyone here have LOONG hair?

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    Default Re: Anyone here have LOONG hair?

    Quote Originally Posted by charlie61 View Post
    Yes, you can get them on straight hair. I get them primarily for frizz reduction, and to strengthen my hair. Japanese straightening is the one that can damage your hair and cause breakage - I had that done twice when i was 19ish, and a chunk of hair around my crown broke off and fell out. Yikes!

    Keratin is healthy and will not damage your hair. It takes about 3 hours for the full process, if you have long hair. I only pay $200 + tip for mine...i feel so lucky to have found this lady!
    God, I'm jealous. I have thick, long hair and my stylist made me pay $300 (not including the tip, and I was blindsided because the price was said to be $200) and although I loved the results, I was scared away by the price tag. I'm thinking of getting it done again, though; on me, it lasted a long time, like 6 months to a year because I don't wash my hair that often. I guess it's worth the price if it lasts that long.

    Also, for those of us with curly, semi-coarse, thick long hair who want straight hair: has anyone with a similar hair type figured a way to dry it that makes it straight(er)? Everyone here is saying don't use heat or brush out your hair, but if I did that, it would be even more tangly and "frizzy", not to mention that if I don't use heat, it gets gross because my hair would take over 24 hours to dry all the way.

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    Default Re: Anyone here have LOONG hair?

    Important thing ...keeping your scalp clean helps with hair growth. & If you have pets make sure they don't sit on your pillows in bed...they can spread ringworm fungus to your scalp that way. (Athletes get ringworm from sweating & communal's unpleasantly more common than you think.)
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