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SO annoying, I remember reading an article about this like A YEAR OR TWO ago (I live in PA and my passport expires in Jan, so I'll need to get mine renewed ASAP). If these states haven't updated their DLs/state IDs by now, KNOWING this was coming - I don't expect them to anytime soon smh.

Sidebar - if you're someone in one of these states without an updated ID and don't have a passport or can't afford one right now, don't panic about traveling domestically. TSA WILL let you travel without an ID if they can verify your identity. Take any identifying information you can with you to the airport (debit card & bank statement, utility bill, school ID, expired ID, etc.) You'll need to allow for extra time at the airport before your flight if going this route though.

My little brother lost his DL the last time he visited (smh). I had him print out his bank statement and cell phone bill. He presented those, they took him in a back room to answer a bunch of identity verification questions, and soon enough he was on his way. See TSA article below - dated 2013, but the info is still valid...

If you live in one of these states and don't have a passport and don't want to spend $120 on one, you can get a passport card for $30. It's good for travel in the US, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and some Caribbean Countries.