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Thread: Nails/manicures how you do yours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genoveve View Post
    ^^^I saw someone on tiktok talking about how they do their nails is to instead of using nail glue and fake nails, they use curing gel with (clear) fake nails and they stay on forever. The next time one of my nails breaks and I need a tip instead of gluing one on I will cure it with my nail gel and see how it holds up.
    You can use polygel or builder gel to attach nails. With polygel, you can do a lot of inlays this way. The issue (as Cutie101 pointed out) is getting them off because neither soaks off. You have to file them with an efile, which you have to be super careful with. it is very easy to over file and end up with sensitive/paper thin nails unfortunately. Soft gel adhesive (like Apres) lasts 2-3 weeks on me usually & it soaks off in 15-20 minutes (so no real nail damage that way). I seriously WISH someone would make soak off polygel that is decent quality though!

    if you're interested in using polygel with press ons (usually referred to as the "lazy girl method"), here's a great video by Femi Beauty. She (the content creator) makes a bunch of lazy girl method polygel videos that are super informative & creative. SlayByJay is another content creator who does an amazing job and her stuff is probably a bit more beginner friendly if you just want to learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutie101 View Post
    I wonder how they take them off tho... I mean, I gotta soak the shit out of my nails to take the gel off, idk how to soak them underneath the fake nail... I'd love to do this.
    I personally would do fills on them as they grew out, but I assume the chicks who don't do acrylic and are relying just on the fake nails would eventually soak them off or wait until they started coming loose or falling off to pop them all off. No clue though.

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    Default Re: Nails/manicures how you do yours?

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