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Thread: Stage Tips?

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    Default Stage Tips?

    I don't know now how to do any pole tricks and I really need advice for what to do on stage.
    I thought I could twerk until I tried twerking in heels but apparently that's not my biggest strength either.

    I've been searching online for routine ideas for floor work but any advice would help..

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    Default Re: Stage Tips?

    The video thread is super helpful! Just some other random tips:

    1. Practice at home, if you can-- this also involves just walking around the house in your Pleasers. You have to be comfortable walking in them before you can dance.
    2. If you're nervous on stage, move slooooooooooow. Draw out all the movements; this will eat up time on stage and it will help with your nerves while still making your movements look fluid.
    3. Learn stage techniques used by non-pole dancers-- ballet hands, spotting, etc-- these are very, very useful and will make your stages look more polished, even if you're still really new. People won't be able to exactly tell why your stages look so nice, but they'll know there's something.
    4. Especially when it's slower and there's no one in tip row, do your stages backwards, so all the moves you would be making facing the audience are now facing the mirror. This will help you to see what the audience sees during your sets and you can spot changes you need to make or how to adjust certain moves.
    5. Working on transitions between moves or floorwork to polework will make a big difference in your sets. Watch other girls to see how they transition.
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    Default Re: Stage Tips?

    pretty much what overcast said. Practice at home and move slow. The main focus should be FEELING sexy. It’s very difficult to look a certain way if you can’t feel it. When I practice at home I practice with all of the lights on so that I can see clearly but also because I know that if I can exude confidence with the lights up then it will definitely be easier when the lights are down in the club. Also keep in mind that men come to see naked women, period. If you’re amazing on stage, if you suck on stage, they still want naked tits up there so just do your best and perform for you.

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