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Thread: How will Backpage shutdown affect strip clubs???

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    Default Re: How will Backpage shutdown affect strip clubs???

    Quote Originally Posted by Brandi_Lynn View Post
    This is a hateful comment if I ever did see one. I've done both & I have kept both worlds seperate. I've tried my hand at it all. There will lways be stripclubs that are filled with extras -thats as old as they've been open & there will be clubs that do not tolerate this. Just like there have always been stripper that have doen extras before this happened. The other work community is struggling but we are finding other outlets & ways around that won't effect you guys in many ways (so put that in your pipe & smoke it). However, I'm sure you will see some influx at least temporarily -but this has been happening in clubs as I mentioned waaaay before now. I dunno, gurl, your tone has left a bad taste in my mouth (a well rounded sex worker, here). It feels like insult to injury in a sense or kicking some one when they're down.

    You say that we have no sense for the rules because we are already doing something illegal -however, that's a blanket statement of making it all just black & white. Not really fair, because you can't stay that for a fact as you already have some of us chiming in to counter that. Now, to counter this & why police think that all strippers, escorts & sex workers are the same is the same train of thought as to what your spouting that not all escorts no how to keep the two worlds separate. Those two sentiments sure do mirror each other alot. This is why I'm left w/ a bad taste in my mouth over that tone.

    And, btw, it's more than just backpage -there are literally, tons of pages that have been pulled, so much safety is gone, skype will be effected, Cam girls that raffle off dates, etc. So yes, it's a huuuuuge impact. But as mentioned, many of us are banning together & finding other outlets/sites, etc. Many escorts can't stand the idea of wasting all night at a club for something they can make in an hour. While the girls that were already in the clubs will prob stay put -cus, guess what...they were already there
    I'm glad you said this.

    Honestly, you might see long time dancers switching to escorting since the long term view for sex work in the US is so depressing. Better to get out early & ahead than waste years on an occupation with diminishing returns.

    & I have dealt with LE as an escort so I can honestly say LE is losing their online "crib sheet" for busting workers. For a while there LE was hearing about things before us girls did. It was annoying lol
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    Default Re: How will Backpage shutdown affect strip clubs???

    There is a real fear here for dancers who are worried about site shut-downs affecting the demographic of their clubs. There are many women who are capable of transitioning and following the rules in a SC, but also many more who are not. It isn't fair to generalize and demonize any girl coming into a club from backpage, thinking she must be doing something against the rules, but it is certainly not an unfounded fear, as this already clearly happens, and happened, before the sites even started shutting down. I do think it's perfectly fair for clean dancers to worry about the extras that might start exploding more now that FSSW do not have an easy online outlet for work. People are scared of illegal activities shutting down their otherwise legal source of income. That's a legit fear and I don't think anyone on the other side, even if you personally follow the rules in the clubs, should be taking this fear personally.

    However, NO ONE in this thread has kept their personal opinions and feelings about prostitution away from the practical discussion of how this will be affecting clubs. There are already a multitude of threads on people's opinions about strippers vs sex workers and if anyone considers them the "same thing" or whether or not we should stand together. If that's all this is going to turn into, then I'm closing this thread.
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