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Thread: Changes in clubs due to FOSTA imo

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    Default Changes in clubs due to FOSTA imo

    I went to a club in the Chicago area last week and there were more ladies there than I had normally seen on a Tuesday night. I was approached several times for privates which was fine but two of the girls offered extras immediately while we were in the main area of the club. This was much more blatant than I am used to, extras aren't really my thing for a variety of reasons, so I am wondering if other customers are seeing a change in the clubs? Not looking to name clubs or such, just wondering if it is a general thing now with BP and other sites down. I hope it doesn't cause more issues for clubs as they deal with this sort of behavior. I am not naive and I know extras are often available and were before FOSTA but this was just a bit different imo.

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    Default Re: Changes in clubs due to FOSTA imo

    I think that a lot of the extra girls will stick to their extra clubs. A lot of the non extra girls working in clean clubs will continue as they are too. A lot of the girls who trick in clubs or via referral have nothing to do with online advertising for clients anyhow. In cities with cleaner clubs than in sf, la and nyc where extras are rampant, there might be an increase in out of work escorts looking for work as dancers. Keep in mind though, online escorting and dancing (extras or no) are very different jobs, requiring a different skill set and personality. So the out of work escorts or prostitutes looking for work in the club may not last for long. Or it may otherwise change the industry even further.

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