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Thread: manager's trying to sleep with new girls?!?

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    Default manager's trying to sleep with new girls?!?

    So I'm new to dancing and looking for a home club... I found one close to me, followed them on social media and saw a number for the manager that I can text to ask any questions or set up an audition. I texted the number asking about audition days/times and attire. The manager gave me that information and also encouraged me to apply officially on their website. I did so which consisted of basic name/age/location questions and at the end you upload a full body picture. I did all that submitted the form and about 5 minutes later the manager texted me back saying he received it and he'd like to see more of me.... then the conversation took a left asking for sexual favors, promising me all this money & traveling. Basically saying I was hired already and that he "would like to try me out for himself" he sent a car to the address I put on the online application (mind you it's 3am) and that if I didn't get in the car and come see him then, then "my position might be filled tomorrow there's plenty of girls who want your spot." I'm brand new to dancing but even I noticed this red flag. I have stopped communication with him completely because I don't feel like I need to sleep with someone to get hired. I've moved on to looking at other clubs in my area... but just out of curiosity is this something to expect in this industry?? Some dancers tell me it's normal to sleep with bosses at most clubs, others tell me they've never experienced it at any club. I know customers ask for sexual favors a lot but is it normal for managers to?? So I just wanted to get yalls opinion if you've ever had this type of situation and if you have how you've dealt with it ?

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    Default Re: manager's trying to sleep with new girls?!?

    No no no absolutely not normal. I mean i'm not gonna lie and act like girls don't sometimes sleep with the managers but you still don't have to and if they try to make you feel like you do you need to find another club but this whole scenario is especially just....yikes.

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    Default Re: manager's trying to sleep with new girls?!?

    That's sexual harassment and it's NEVER normal or acceptable. An employer would be fired and disgraced if he attempted this in the corporate world. Adult industry or not, the same professionalism must be there in order to ensure you're working in a safe environment.

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    Default Re: manager's trying to sleep with new girls?!?

    Is it normal? No. Is it uncommon? In my experience, also no. I've had this happen at two different clubs. (I've worked at six clubs.)

    At one of those clubs, I was new and naive--a manager wanted free lap dances and I gave them to him. At the other one, it was more an issue of a manager hitting on me relentlessly, offering to show me his dick pics, asking for sex--I told him to stop, which he did. I still work there.

    I would advise you not to do what I did. Glad you are looking at other clubs. At least you didn't waste your time going in to this one.

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    Default Re: manager's trying to sleep with new girls?!?

    Def not appropriate! It happens though. So many owners are just so gross & pathetic their only way to getting booty is to try and make moves like that.

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    Default Re: manager's trying to sleep with new girls?!?

    Yuck, I've had that happen before once. The manager was trying to get me to meet up with him at a nearby hotel so that he could "test my comfort level with nudity". Never mind the fact that I'd already been working as a nude art model up to that point for over a year. No, it's not normal. Some new girls fall for it, especially when the manager makes big promises of modeling contracts, a lot of $, claiming that he'll make you famous, etc. It's all a lie to get into your panties. I swear it's like a game for this creepy type of manager. They get some thrill out of taking advantage of new girls and it's bullshit. It's why I wish that strip clubs were managed entirely by women. Apply elsewhere. Men can be such pigs in this industry but I promise that there are some that will at least not try to get you to sleep with them in order to get hired.

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    Default Re: manager's trying to sleep with new girls?!?

    Not normal at all but it happens (to young girls w low self-esteem generally, not that it's their fault, it's not, but predators can smell low self esteem from light years away). Set your boundaries high and project that energy of self worth. I'm sorry that happened to you, that is completely inappropriate and somewhat traumatizing.

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    Default Re: manager's trying to sleep with new girls?!?

    What.a.fucking PIG!
    I've heard of s.c. staff trying to get w/dancers after they're hired, this jerk's super aggressive!
    I hope he gets taken down, & soon!
    Good luck, I know you'll find a better club

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