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Thread: A hairy situation

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    Default A hairy situation

    Hi guys!

    I am wanting to start dancing again. I went a couple of years ago, got hired on the spot, worked a night and loved it in the moment but was too anxious to go back. Fast forward to now and I would like to try again. It's something that I've always wanted to do and I am in my late 20s so I need to just do it. There is just one problem. I am in a super great BDSM relationship and I have a very loving Dominant. He has given me the go ahead on one condition...I keep my 1970s style bush he has made me grow. Can you even dance with a bush?? I'm already self conscious and adding that to the mix makes it worse. I personally don't mind it as I've gotten used to it but I just keep thinking of customers thinking I'm gross or hair sticking out of my bottoms! ugh. I'm sure there might be some older men where t could work to my advantage but what about in every other situation? Advice is appreciated. I know my relationship status might be weird to some people but it's consensual and it works for us. Thanks!

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    Trim the bush and say management demanded it.
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    Dancer where I work has a neatly trimmed hair bush and she makes bank. She has a lot of other positives helping her bank buuuutttttt a ton of guys love the hair. Iíve honestly thought about growing mine out tbh. Guys love it.

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    Leave a small tuft of hair that can be covered by your thong but shave the rest. Don't let any hair stick out of your thong. lol. I plan on doing the same thing. My rebellious side wants to say "fuck you" to the rule that all strippers must be completely shaved bare down there.
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