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Thread: CRA audit

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    Duh CRA audit

    Has anyone from canada lived through a cra audit? It makes me nervous. I dont have my reveipts as i moved cross country and god knows where my things from 3 years ago are.

    I gave a call to the auditor today to ask for some info and she sounds like a major bitch with pretty unreasonable expectations as far as required documents go. Even tho my income was very little that year she sounds like she wants to milk me for every penny i cant account for.

    Ive already contacted an accountant to try and help me minimize the damage but im worried they will get really onto me and question previous years as well..

    Also should it come down to it how do i explain the nature of my business if they ask about various adult oriented income sourses.. namely clips4sale, ebanned too but maybe i can pass that off as a less popular version of ebay and hope they never see the site

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    Default Re: CRA audit

    You should be able to get bank and credit card information from those institutions. Maybe even on line. Auditors are like cops, they don't believe anything unless they see proof. (...and think everyone is lying to them.)
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