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Thread: Rippling of Breast Implants

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    Default Rippling of Breast Implants

    I have silicone, high profile mentor implants, 300cc half under the muscle.

    I just noticed I have some rippling on the sides but its only obvious when Im on all fours.

    Do any of you guys have experience with this? Could it be a silicone rupture? The breasts feel soft and fluffy otherwise. I'm thinking I didnt notice this sooner bc it takes a while for the swelling to go down and Ive only had these for two years. This is an older generation of mentor silicone, the one my doctor prefers bc he says it feels softer, so not gummy.

    You could see and feel the ripples if you look right next to all my ribs, which are countable when Im on all fours.

    I thought silicone is not supposed to ripple.

    Im not sure if Ive lost weight.

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    Default Re: Rippling of Breast Implants

    I have cohesive gel/gummy bear implants and have some rippling too...exactly as you described, it's most obvious when I bend over or am on all fours. Whenever I lose more body fat the rippling gets worse. Mine are 9.5 years old but I remember this happening early on too, actually it was probably worse as I used to have consistently lower body fat back then.

    When I replace them I will be looking to have unders and will ask about other ways of avoiding rippling, as I honestly avoid losing too much weight because of this issue but would really like to be able to train hard and get my lower body more toned.

    So I think it's mainly an issue of having either a low amount of body fat/existing tissue and/or thin skin. I also have quite loose skin which probably doesn't help - also something I would like to address when having a redo.

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    Default Re: Rippling of Breast Implants

    I have silicone unders. Mine have shown a slight ripple when I'm bent forward or on all fours. I have had them since 2015. I assumed it's because I had very little breast tissue before I got them.

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    Default Re: Rippling of Breast Implants

    I have saline and I used to be fat. They look like sand dunes in the Sahara desert after a breeze hits. :/
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    Default Re: Rippling of Breast Implants

    I also have silicone implants under the muscle and they ripple too. Mine ripple a little bit at the bottom when I bend forward. I didn't have much boob pre-implants though. Breastfeeding shriveled them up. At the bottom of my boobs I can feel the edge of my implants.

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    Default Re: Rippling of Breast Implants

    After almost 20 years of seeing implanted chests....IMO rippling is just one of those things that will happen.
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