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Thread: New Stripper Notes - OR Never sat never!

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    Default New Stripper Notes - OR Never sat never!

    I started dancing again this past week! First of all I want to thank all the dancers who post here on Strippers Web, I learned a lot from reading you! I decided to write this “journal” to help the other “newbies”. It’s based on my experiences and talking to other adult entertainers.

    Background. I first started stripping shortly after I turned 18. Looking back I realize that I was way too young for that life. It seemed to me that I always had the urge to be an “adult entertainer. That was because I had some very close relatives in that business. And my girlfriend and I “play acted” being strippers. We were also sexually active from around the age of 13.

    So, after my 18th birthday I found an all nude club in South Jersey close to Philadelphia. The laws in NJ say that a girl under 21 years old cannot dance in a club that serves alcohol also all nude clubs cannot serve alcohol. I can’t explain why!

    I have a well-tanned athletic build from surfing. I went to an amateur night at a club. I won first place! The prize was $100 and the opportunity to work at the club. So I started dancing that night.

    I made lots of mistakes! I was not prepared to pay the stage fees and tip outs! Plus buying clothes, shoes, gas money and tolls I did not make much money that first year if any! I also got into a BDSM relationship. Drugs and booze did me in and I dropped out of college. I even “walked the streets” of Philly and Trenton and got busted! To cut to the chase I quit the lifestyle before it killed me. Thanks to a priest who helped me out, I straightened my life out and went back to school.

    Summer Plans

    So over the spring break I made a plan for what I want to do this summer. I had several options. I did not want to work in an office or in a store. But I wanted to make a good amount of money and I liked stripping.

    The accounting training told me to make a business plan – duh! Stripping is a business! – That concept never occurred to me before. So out came my notebook and I began a business plan with a budget!

    • First Goals: I wanted to earn money and still have time to take a class at school in the summer and spend time on the beach. And Have Fun! So what is best for me? Was it dancing, cam’ing, escorting or bookkeeping? (BTW stripping won!)
    • Second: The club had to be a reasonably safe and clean. The location has to be an easy commute to where I live. If some classmates, neighbors or professors saw me dancing – I don’t care as long as they pay! When I was first dancing I went to a club too far away (big mistake).
    • Third – Have Fun! - Don’t let ass holes stress me out, it’s a business! - Remember that dancing can be “fast money – but it is not easy money!”
    • Fourth – Don’t be afraid to change clubs if the first one is not working out. Also don’t be afraid to change “careers” that is reconsider cam’ing, escorting, porn or work as an accountant at Wal-Mart!
    • Fifth – Make long term plans. Ask where do I want to be in 1, 5, 10+ years.
    • Finally – Have Fun!

    Now that I had a plan – I made a list of clubs that I wanted to visit (thank you TUSCL). I spent the first few days after finals relaxing (the weather was great – so I went to the beach!)

    I spent the following week or so visiting the clubs in the day and nights. I wanted to see if which clubs met my “criteria” and if they had a good “vibe”.

    I know clubs don’t like solo girls visiting, so I went with either a BF or a GF. Usually, I was upfront with the manager saying that I was looking for a club to work in. All of the managers were really cool. I spoke to some of the dancers and I was asked to audition in a few clubs!

    My New Job
    I ended up selecting an all nude BYOB club (something I thought I never would do!). It was a great location, (close to home, school and the beach! And my fav tanning salon was down the street!). It was clean, they had a shower in the dressing room and a “house mom!” The VIP rooms were “private” and clean. The dancers all seemed to be happy and enjoying themselves. It was perfect. So I went back and asked the owner if I could dance there. I did a quick three set audition and was hired.

    I will write about the first few days in another post.
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