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Thread: Wondering if cam modelling will be a valid form of proof of employment for Estonia

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    Default Wondering if cam modelling will be a valid form of proof of employment for Estonia

    And with that, privacy/safety/confidentiality concerns... with landlords and such, etc etc etc. the system... not sure what the Estonian govt. is like, but I imagine (I mean OBVIOUSLY) you'd have to go through a process and a lot of officials to move there, probably have to register for something like a SSN-like identifier, etc etc etc. just a lot. And if officials during this process get nosy, I wonder what the odds of being harassed are? Like sexually, or with blackmail, etc.

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    Default Re: Wondering if cam modelling will be a valid form of proof of employment for Estoni

    no webcam site will vouch for your employment, you are an independent contractor with them.

    so you need to prove your income and credit rating, more then proving your employment typically when it comes to applying for apartment or mortgage.

    I've been in my current place for 10 years now, that's what I did to get it back then. plus I am in Canada. not sure how it will work for other countries. but you definitely want to keep things simple.
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