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Thread: Amazing Hurricane Kitty Rescue

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    Default Amazing Hurricane Kitty Rescue

    OK some of you might recall, when within a few hours Hurricane Irma was supposed to wipe all life from the entire Florida Keys in September 2017, I went to feed a bunch of feral cats that lived behind the club I was working at the time (SKIP this if you already saw it)

    The cats I knew were the rear group of 20 or so. There was another group of about 15 that hung out at the entrance of the alley into the club complex.

    The club at the entrance to the alley got bought out 4-5 months ago, and the new owner didn't want 40 fucking cats pissing on his patio. Much as I loved the ones I knew, I didn't blame him.

    So they trapped most of these cats, and since no one is going to adapt a feral cat, they were all doomed to die, even if they made it through the fucking hurricane.

    BUT then this happened, WTF and thank all the gods:
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    Default Re: Amazing Hurricane Kitty Rescue

    This is very good news

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    Default Re: Amazing Hurricane Kitty Rescue

    Awwww! Your little homies are saved!
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