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Thread: "The Tale" film

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    Default "The Tale" film

    I have never used this but seriously, multiple trigger warnings

    Really, the whole film is disturbing on multiple levels

    It is based on the experiences of the films writer/director

    what is amazing is what a great film it is, not just dealing with sexual abuse, but memory, using interesting techniques to show the way memory is formed and how it is faulty, and how those faulty memories follow you into adulthood

    Again, it was disturbing for me to watch as an old guy with no such history, so be sure you can handle the material, but you will not be disappointed.

    When you see a movie or book described as 'unflinching' this is what they mean

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    Default Re: "The Tale" film

    I saw part of this. I am kind of iffy on watching it. But I do love Laura Dern.
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