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Thread: Bad emotional decision or right thing to do?

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    Default Bad emotional decision or right thing to do?

    Hi Ladies,

    I have an issue and wanted to ask your opinion on my pending decision incase I am making an emotional decision.

    I'm a UK model and most of my income comes from clip making (Femdom) and I have my clips on Iwantclips and Clips4sale.
    I also do niteflirt, adultwork and occasional MFC. I have had non stop problems with being paid by MFC wire transfer, payments often
    go missing and MFC are always an utter nightmare to fix these issues. Iwantclips are also horrendous at sending UK wire transfers, every
    month for 5 months they went missing and again, they we're terrible and fixing the issue.

    So I put all my accounts onto boleyn models, which they are on the ball the problem is the only payment option I can use is paxum
    (not a fan of the other options offered at all) and now I have payment issues with them, $433 has gone missing and they simply don't care
    to trace it they just told me to email them in 3 weeks time and let them know if it still hasn't arrived. They won't even look into it.

    Because of all this stress and anxiety I am seriously considering just getting rid of my Iwantclips (I make around $1000-$1500 a month there and every now and then get great findom guys) and getting rid of MFC (don't make much there anyway) because these are the two companies who are a nightmare at paying. Niteflirt, C4S, AW and MV have never given me a single pay issue and just ditching paxum altogether.

    Do you think it's a stupid decision to turn my back on $1000-$1500 a month because of the pay issues? Or would you say it's a reasonable decision to save myself all this stress and just make that money up on a more reliable website?

    I appreciate any advice.
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    Default Re: Bad emotional decision or right thing to do?

    I don’t make anywhere near that so feel free to take my advice with a grain of salt but...find something to replace that income first. Whether it is an existing site you are already on, a new one, etc. As big as a hassle as it is, so long as you do actually get the money I would not write them off completely, just in case of hard times. Just do the bare minimum to remain relevant on those sites while you focus your energy elsewhere. Always have something you can fall back on, always. I maintain that for all professions and unless I do not get paid or feel as though it is a have to situation.

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    Default Re: Bad emotional decision or right thing to do?

    With your $1,000 to $1,500 what other payment options can you use. are the more accurate in paying you in another method. even thought it might be slower for you to get paid from them. Is that is the case I would go with another method. over dropping the company all together.

    If all payments methods for a company that can you get are failing then you have to consider another income source.

    I don't work MFC, I just don't like that website. but if there is another option you can live with I would certain choose that.

    Also might be time to consider income sources not all connected to adult.
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    Default Re: Bad emotional decision or right thing to do?

    It absolutely sucks how ATM and VISA/MC logistics work. Any time anything goes wrong with them, nobody but the card companies can do anything about it except wait for the monthly audit and fund return. In my lifetime in the US and Romania I've probably had funds stuck 3 or 4 times when an ATM went haywire and it can take months to recover. There was an outtage that hit Europe pretty hard for about half a day and its just bad luck with everything else going on. Its not that Paxum doesn't care, its that they can't do anything except wait for the return of funds to their bank.

    For UK payment methods, we have 3 currently that all work well:

    Paxum is the fastest but most expensive.

    TW takes about 24 hours but is quite a bit cheaper for direct bank loads (and has their own non-bank card option now).

    We also have a new deal with a blockchain provider, and they take up to 3 days but its almost zero fees (around 0.5% exchange loss) straight to your bank with no e-wallet or card to mess with.

    Finally we also have some Cosmo funds loaded if models have absolutely no other options, and we can do regular wires but the fee ranges between $20 and $45 on our side + receiving fees. The previous 3 options are better in nearly all cases.

    If I were to detach myself from this with no vested interest, I would say if you have an income stream of $1500/month, but you don't feel its reliable, its still good for something. That's the retirement fund contribution right there...or a car or house or tax payment.
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    Default Re: Bad emotional decision or right thing to do?

    In this unstable climate, I would say that that is too much money to give up on. I do understand about the stress taking it's toll though. Another way of dealing with this is by working on the stress aspect. If you could afford to lose that money each month, why not change the way you view receiving it, accepting the situation that you can't control, so that getting paid is a bonus or pleasant surprise, to release you from the frustration of not being being paid as you should be.

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    Default Re: Bad emotional decision or right thing to do?

    I too have just discovered today when I checked my bank that a Paxum payment hasn't arrived - It should've gone in a week ago.

    I messaged Paxum yesterday & they replied today & just said that they'd forwarded my issue to the technical department. Maybe it's due to this outage that Katy has said about.

    It's the first time in 2 years of using Paxum that a payment has gone missing & it is a worry & although Paxum are pretty quick to respond I think their customer service manner is weird .They always sign off with a "Best Regards!" It comes across like they're being flippant, a "Thank you for your patience" would be more appropriate when it's about a missing payment.

    I get why Scarlet feels like they don't care but, I think it's just their way & it's just a different style of customer service than what we would get from a bank in the UK.
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