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Thread: 55 yo start camming - a little help please

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    Default Re: 55 yo start camming - a little help please

    Quote Originally Posted by KatM View Post
    I started at 26 yo and am 43 now, looks like i am going to cam for some more years considering i cant work something else anymore as i wanted and planned even i have qualifications, not outside the house anyway (reason is health issues) so if i work at home why not camming?
    As long i can still make enough money for my needs i'll continue to cam.
    Call me granny in a few years

    (Edited to add: in this paragraph below I am talking about vanilla jobs not camming and I refer to my country only)

    Regarding ageism, yes it's bad if u dont have a solid career behind you and even then looking for a job at a certain age is going to be difficult to get, at least here in Europe in my country. They want young people willing to work hard and long hrs, have the energy and less demands as salary.
    Sad but true, if u over 40 u already not desirable anymore unless as i said, u really are a good specialist and have a solid career behind u.

    Edited: in the last paragraph I talk about vanilla jobs not camming.
    I started at 18, then now some how i've hit 33 some guardian angle I must have. by summer time I will be 33 and half.

    it was completely cute to count the half when I was a kid but now not so much.

    it's like I am doing a life sentence camming, and making money online. which is not bad, it's just time to face reality of it. Which also has me more focused on my future then ever before. and also realizing I won't be spending much time with my family , because they have no valuable advice for me when it comes to career planning at all. I gotta figure it out on my own.

    With picking the right income streams. saving my money, and now WAY more then ever learning to invest my money.

    if things fall apart with camming. I fear I would end up being a bag lady at some grocery store or barely making it in some call centre job. If I cut away camming. I am super below the disability poverty line. as much as before I was burnt out and hated camming, I have changed my perspective a lot on things.

    So my path now is to make camming work and it's super important more then ever is making sure I have my retirement savings max out every year. Debt really is knock out that student loan, and wait out the 7 years for certain collection calls. and rebuild my credit. you can hide from creditors but not your credit score if you are living in north america. with how things are going on repairing my credit I almost wish I jumped on rebuilding it sooner. but I was so deep on feeling bad about myself of having a mental illness. at this point nothing I can do about the mental illness except take advantage of the "recovery" stage and make it work for me.

    I am drained mentally from dealing with my mental illness and when I do the math if I want to achieve my financial goal of buying my first house. and it's not some starter home it's full on waterview condo that has a movie feel to it. I need to really hustle , save, and ignore anyone who hasn't done the path before me.

    it's like I was in a mental coma or something I sometimes blame my mental illness for this coma feeling, but it's a combination of choosing an income path, and the more you choose making money for yourself, it's extremely difficult to get a job. I literally can't pass interviews anymore for jobs. I thought I would reapply for a customer service job I use to have and I failed that thing horribly.

    Me reaching mature status on cam doesn't bother me at all. the job from 18 to 33 is the same, the guys want the same type of things, and they asked the same type of questions at most I feel like I am dropping IQ points when I am doing webcam shows. which is where I am thinking to drop to only 1 or 2 cam sites and push more in other income streams.

    I know I want to do something where I feel challenged not just act like a robot.
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    Default Re: 55 yo start camming - a little help please

    There's tons of cam performers in their 40's and 50's. I started camming in 2005 and back then you mostly had performers in your early twenties or younger because sites were picky on looks and age. Thankfully that stopped and now you can be any age, any race, any weight, etc There are customers for any age and the most important thing to do is be yourself and have fun with it. You have to enjoy this job or you will burn out fast

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    Default Re: 55 yo start camming - a little help please

    Quote Originally Posted by foxirox View Post
    I personally think you'll do very well. I actually wish I looked more 'milfy'. I'm 33 - but look more like 28/29. I'm kind of in that weird category of not looking quite old enough to be classed as a 'milf' but not young enough to be that cutey girl next door. Just a tip, fetish taboo content works well if you're down for making clips on sites like clips4sale.

    And thanks to all the beautiful and nice ladies and gents over here. I will write everything happens to me, in this post. To have like a journal of my trip into camming at 55. Lol.


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    Default Re: 55 yo start camming - a little help please

    Just chiming in I would recommend CB, theres a lot of mature women there and their community is a lot nicer to them than some.

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    Default Re: 55 yo start camming - a little help please

    Im 44 and i started at 27, also needed a job as i was recently separated and had 2 kids to support. Now I have another one, which is a toddler still and in my country is also hard to get hired at my age. The only suggestion I have, is that, sometimes, when you are older, you dont want to do free chat (i certainly dont), so my suggestion is to go for adultwork coz you can go for privates without having to do free chat.
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    Default Re: 55 yo start camming - a little help please

    Any updates BFX?

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