Hi guys!

This is basically my first post. 🙂
I danced for a short time when I was in college, but as I'm moving to New York soon and will need to step up my income, I'm looking to get back into it, but I have NO idea what the best clubs to try for would be for me. I have a bunch of tattoos, so I know that will limit me, and I'm also quite small and young looking (I probably look like 16/17 even in full makeup), which can sometimes be an asset but is also pretty limiting. I've been scrolling through the club reviews, and they're helpful except that most of them haven't been updated since like 2008, so some of the clubs don't even come up in searches and such anymore, and others have almost certainly changed management.
So, NYC and Jersey girls: What are the best clubs that you know of to work at that will take a fairly thin, small woman with a definite alt vibe and several prominent tattoos? Places where you can make decent money of course, but also can expect to be safe and fairly well treated by management and customers? (I'd rather make a little less money and truly like the club I work at than make more and dread going in.)
Also any audition tips or just general tips about the business in and around NYC would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you for your help!!