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Thread: Bodyrubs Parlor - can you ever fully avoid being caught/raided??

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    Search Bodyrubs Parlor - can you ever fully avoid being caught/raided??


    I recently started working for a bodyrub parlor and I've never done this kind of work before but I am loving it. It's the easiest and quickest money I've made, but apparently right after I got hired an undercover came through and arrested one of the girls. Even so, the spa and the rest of the girls were safe because the spa makes us sign contracts saying we are independents and that prevents blame from carrying over I guess. They changed a lot of the policies anyway though and now they are only accepting regulars and people they recognize, stating that they are now a "club" that requires membership fee. The owner now also requires all clients to provide their ID upon booking a session, and they keep it in the office for the duration of the session, and give it back at the end. They also talked about requiring members to sign a contract as well and that this would prevent policemen from being able to put up a charge that would "stick"...i.e. citing entrapment...??

    Now, I don't know what to think of all of this, will it truly help in the event of a police investigation? The owner of the spa is an ex-SW who founded the spa as a way for her to make more money and also help out other girls. I get a real sense of community from this place, and I love it so far. I really believe the owner has our best interests at heart, but I wonder what the chances are of another undercover getting through...or a raid??

    Argh! What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Bodyrubs Parlor - can you ever fully avoid being caught/raided??

    That place is already on LE's radar since one girl was already arrested. She could rat you all out as part of a plea deal. Nothing's stopping LE from raiding the spa and arresting every girl in that place, contracts and non-disclosures be damned. The owner can try all she might but she cannot stop a judge's warrant.

    I worked at a spa some time ago. The money was amazing but I would never do it again because I can't put my trust and safety in another person's hands. About a year and a half after I left the place got raided and it was on the news.

    Please be careful.

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    Default Re: Bodyrubs Parlor - can you ever fully avoid being caught/raided??

    Can you girls please PM me? I just started working at an in call place this month.

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    Default Re: Bodyrubs Parlor - can you ever fully avoid being caught/raided??

    Never. And just because they made you ladies sign paperwork doesn't mean anything. I worked at a spa that did the same, they still got shut down.

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    Default Re: Bodyrubs Parlor - can you ever fully avoid being caught/raided??

    No, I don't think that it's possible to ever fully avoid being caught/raided while working at a body rub parlor. All it takes is for one man to leave a sexually explicit online review about the body rub parlor or tell someone about it, regardless of whether it actually happened or not. Word gets around and LE catches wind of it, they'll be watching. With FOSTA-SESTA LE has been doing raids and no one is exempt anymore. It doesn't matter if it's a spa, strip club, bikini bar, or anything. A lot of body rub spa's have been shut down around here. One of them I was supposed to start working at, on what was supposed to be my first day I pulled in to the parking lot, only to see tons of LE cars in the parking lot. The manager had claimed that no sexual activity was allowed or went on in there, only body rubs while wearing a bikini. A bikini bar was recently raided and shut down too. LE is hitting places hard.They're raiding places like crazy under the pretense of looking for sex trafficking victims but arresting and charging more consensual adult workers than anything. Always keep your guard up.

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