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    Hello all! I'm an amateur adult video maker. When I film my videos, I make sure to have a signed release form and contract from the people who I film, as well as a copy of their passports/IDs. In this day and age, I don't feel safe making any recordings without a black & white signed contract, even if I am a woman! I posted my videos on various free porn sites such as pornhub and xvideos. Recently, all my videos started to be taken down and my accounts suspended.

    Finally, I found out the person having them taken down was the boyfriend of one of the women I had filmed with before. He is incredibly possessive and has convinced her to write to every single porn site that I had my videos posted on and claim copyright... Except it's not copyright because I have her contract which gives me consent to use the porn she is in for both promotional and professional purposes should I choose. Not only are they targeting the porn she is in but everything else I have posted. It seems most adult streaming sites don't want to get involved so they just kill my account regardless of whether I am using her work or not.

    Should I contact DMCA and if so, how does one do that? There must be a way to protect my work and account from these malicious attacks. I don't have a lot of money so I can't afford a fancy lawyer. What should I do?

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    1. contact a lawyer that specialises in adult ie corey from myadultlawyer or pornlaw, have him draw up model releases specific to your company and not some blank release from google
    2. dont upload to free sites -
    3. file counter notices to all the dmcas that the bf filed in order to restore your accounts, as soon as they return, you delete them.
    4. hire to file dmca & counter dmca on your behalf.
    5. resell the videos to homegrownvideo, make her a star.

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