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    Default Getting Less Shows

    So I work for a few private party companies and I used to get 6 shows a weekend. That was a couple years ago now its more like 2 shows a month. Does it help to let the agencies know your available that weekend? Maybe send them new pics? Add more partners for 2 girl shows? Any other ideas? Sometimes they offer me shows 2 hours away and I refuse those. I dont know if thats pissing them off or not

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    Default Re: Getting Less Shows

    No advice, but I'm having the same problem. Bookings have dropped way off, and one agency keeps asking me for more pictures because guys apparently aren't satisfied with just one or two? It seems like they think we should have to jump through hoops to get their money, or like they just want sexy texts for free.

    I have also tried letting agencies know about my availability, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm not willing to drive far, either. I feel your pain!

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    Default Re: Getting Less Shows

    We have been booking more shows recently. It has been steadily increasing over the past 9 months. We don't see the number of shows we saw prior to 2008 but it's been getting better. The problem we have is finding new talent.

    We get the "more photo" requests a lot. We always refer them to the website. Unfortunately, many company's bait and switch the dancers because their website images are fake.

    Hopefully it picks up for you soon
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