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Thread: Exotic dancer union

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    Default Exotic dancer union

    I just found this, does anyone have anymore information about this?

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    Default Re: Exotic dancer union

    Huh, interesting!! I am browsing the site now. Things are so fucked up. These clubs would be NOTHING without us dancers, yet we sit back and allow patrons to watch for free, so long as they buy a beer at the bar, HOPING we can convince them to spend $$ to pay for services we are providing. It is infuriating. Not to mention the many other injustices including outrageous house fees. How many times have you busted your ASS and come home with almost nothing? The club benefits. The patron benefits. MAYBE the dancer benefits??? How fucked up is that?

    If this kind of thing would help us all organize and make change, I am interested to learn more.

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