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Thread: how to avoid fake checks

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    Default how to avoid fake checks

    Here's the links
    must read

    How to.avoid this

    model didn't do due diligence on the producer or check.

    Company name
    rvr payment services
    since there is no company designation (LLC, Ltd., Corp., Inc. etc.) then legally it's a DBA
    DBA database would be on the county site this would tell you if the business exist or not and if it's active (all fees paid up). If this business existed it would have owner information which she can use to file a police report or civic suit.

    Bank Name
    You can have a bank account anywhere but a non LA based bank or credit union would raise a red flag, also no address of bank, how would her bank know where to send the check? does said bank even exist?

    Routing number
    the trpwl link already showed the number doesn't exist but if you look you would notice the numbers are written normally, real checks have the numbers written a special way.
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