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    Ok, all I'm a naturally pretty 33 year old who has aged smoking or drugs (except occasional edibles), drink really mostly just at work, and I have been at this gig for a while. I am 5'4", 124, 32DD. Long hair, straight white teeth, natural breasts. I do ok, but I want to get hired in Vegas. What are those little things you do to set you apart? I started a lifting routine last week to tone up. What can I do to get bombshell gorgeous, short of plastic surgery (which I can't afford at the moment)?

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    It sounds like you're already pretty hot. For Vegas, do as much as you can to get the stereotypical stripper look. Fake eyelashes, fake nails, get hair extensions, get a blowout and get a professional to do your makeup prior to auditioning. Tell your makeup artist/hair stylist you're auditioning--many of them have stripper clients and know what look you're going for. If you just walk around the strip at night and check out the hot girls, you'll start to recognize it. And make sure you wear sexy street clothes (heels, cami and skinny jeans, a cocktail dress) to your audition.

    In a more general sense--Juvederm (in the lips or chin and cheekbones for a more chiseled profile), microbladed eyebrows and flattering hair color can really change someone's look for the better.

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