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Thread: Strippers in small towns/cities

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    Default Strippers in small towns/cities

    I have been curious lately about the really little places. It seems like from what I've read most girls travel to work in the small towns or very small cities. Do any girls actually live in the same town/city or nearby (like 15 minute drive or less)? It seems like it could potentially be unsafe...

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    Default Re: Strippers in small towns/cities

    Nawww. You got a heater, you got a man (& possibly a large dog) it's a more entertaining than dangerous life.
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    Default Re: Strippers in small towns/cities

    Not really. I live in pissant suburbia and one of my clubs is 7 minutes from my house.
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    Default Re: Strippers in small towns/cities

    Ive never left the state to work, so take it for what it's worth. I live in SC in a small-ish city and drive 5 minutes to work and it's really a medium-tier club most times of the year. I hear about folks going to even smaller cities to make money before ever mentioning Myrtle Beach, which isn't a big city but a stereotypical "popular" strip-city. From what I've heard and read, bigger cities don't always seem to be what they crack up to be and smaller clubs are sometimes killin it, maybe people are isolated and have less shit to do/places to spend money.

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