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Thread: getting started in nyc (how to balance other job + stripping?)

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    Default getting started in nyc (how to balance other job + stripping?)

    Hey everyone! I live in the south Bronx and work full time but definitely need the additional income so i have been looking into stripping for awhile. I have even done research on clubs in nyc and called vivid, ricks, and club w to learn about their audition times. Could anyone offer me some advice on what the audition process is like for these clubs or other ones nyc and maybe recommend some additional clubs? When I called ricks and vivid they kind of rushed the conversation so i couldnt ask many questions. Also if anyone has tips on how to balance stripping with another job I would really appreciate that! My other job is 9-5 (sometimes 10-6) so i would hopefully just be stripping at night or on weekends. im indian so even auditioning is sort of an investment because it means i def gotta get waxed before (lmaooo hairy genes!) so im hoping i wont have to try too many clubs since waxing + getting make up / nails + getting shoes feels like an expensive investment when im already struggling to pay rent.

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    Default Re: getting started in nyc (how to balance other job + stripping?)

    The difficult thing about dancing in nyc is that most require 3 day minimum, and each shift is 8 hr minimum. The 8 hour minimum is rather unusual. I had another gig, source of income and another gig on top of that while stripping but it was flexible. Truth is, most clubs have so many dancers that they dont really enforce the 3 day minimum requirement but you certainly cant leave when you want.

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