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Thread: Only 5 viewers after first 2 days, i dont know what to do!

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    Default Only 5 viewers after first 2 days, i dont know what to do!

    My first day I made 250, 130 the next and now its dead. only 5 guests on MFC. I have no idea what to do. Nobody will stay in my room. Any advice?

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    Default Re: Only 5 viewers after first 2 days, i dont know what to do!

    Do what worked. What were you wearing before the dry spell? Were you sitting, standing, talkative, quiet, extroverted, or the shy girl next door? What time of day did you get on when you made that money? These are all rhetorical questions. I say take a hint from your own success and dissect what you did right. Because without being there in your room (with a hard-on and a credit card) no one can really say what you should do to get more traffic. At least not without more details.
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    Default Re: Only 5 viewers after first 2 days, i dont know what to do!

    Myfreecams has had traffic issues for years. Even their top models bitch to the owner about it. Try different sites.

    It could be that your lighting is off
    your sound is wonky
    your internet speed is unstable
    you haven't spent enough time in the industry
    you could be looking at the camera with a bored look

    The hard truth about camming is that there is a lot of competition. Especially on mfc. You got to make yourself stand out from the other 20,000+ girls that log on each month.

    Without being in your room, its hard to say.

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    Default Re: Only 5 viewers after first 2 days, i dont know what to do!

    If you are brand new & never cammed on there before, sites always throw a ton of traffic at the newbies to help them get started. After that you have to build your base of customers.

    You can promote yourself on social media but it can take time if you don't have a bunch of folllowers to start off with.

    You can work with affiliates but you are new & don't know who are the good ones or bad ones. I can suggest but it takes time to build an audience on it too, Boobster if you have big boobs, Camgomerate on twitter.

    Otherwise it is putting in the time & doing tons of trial & error to build an steady income & customer base.

    You can also learn about affiliate marketing, MFC affiliate program is ran by CrakRevenue. Video blogs on Camming industry & how to succeed at camming.

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