Hello. Few months ago site called glimpse.me appeared and at first they seemed pretty good. Well, at least the idea was good and there was one cam model in particular, who was promoting the site a lot and inviting everyone to try it out. So, even though I was a little hesitant at first, I tried it out. The welcome bonus was a little unusual but alright. About a month after signing up I started having problems with the site. Basically, when someone renews their membership or signs up for it, I receive sms. However, for few weeks I kept receiving those messages way too much, like in a spammy way AND my fans were not able to renew their memberships. After those few weeks support finally solved the problem, however, my fans didn't really want to use the site anymore.
Another weird thing I noticed - they promised their own Visa debit cards in May of this year. It's August already and still the same thing shows up - nothing is happening with those cards. I got sick and tired of this useless site and wanted to delete my account, however, I'm stuck with it. I can't do it on my own and the support has been ignoring my e-mails for quite a while.
Is anyone still using the site? If not, have you had any luck deleting your account? I think the idea of a site was good but it kind of flopped. Let's just get back to MV, IWC or whatever.