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Thread: Need some help with screening practices

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    Default Need some help with screening practices

    Hi so I'm fairly new to escorting although I've been in the industry for a long time and other work, I seem to be having a hard time getting men to screen with me. they respond to my ad and as soon as I tell them I need a quick verification I ask them for their full name phone number and a picture ID many of them flake or refuse to send that information. the majority of guys tell me that they have never seen a previous provider so they don't have references so what should I be asking for because every time I ask them for a picture ID they say they don't feel comfortable giving me that. do you guys ask for IDs or what should I be asking for without pushing the client away? Thanks

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    I find that men are more forth coming with information if I ask for it separately. I start off by asking for name, and number..

    Feel free to PM and I will share my screening strategies..

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    I ask for references from ladies they know. If they can't provide that then employment info or other ways I use. PM me if you'd like to know details

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