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Thread: Life Turned Upside Down-Possible New Dancer?

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    Default Life Turned Upside Down-Possible New Dancer?

    Hi everyone, I will spare most of the details surrounding my personal life. Needless to say, I was faced with a life changing, traumatic experience about two months ago. I am now faced with a loss of income, a loss of a partner for over 10 years, and possibly a place to live with my 5 rescue animals (they both of us adopted together). Basically, myself, my animals and our home were abandoned by my partner when he claimed his feelings changed. His name is on the mortgage (at the time we purchased this home two years ago, I was selling our home that was in my name only-carried two mortgages for two years until Feb of this year when that house finally sold). It was my last ditch attempt at making a man out of him...anyways. I've grieved the loss of the man I loved and now the focus is on supporting myself and my 4 dogs and 1 cat. At the time of his departure, I lost my income. I've been frantically trying to secure employment and so far, nothing. Since he claimed he had no interest in this house, me or the animals at the time of purchase, he is fine with letting me take ownership of the home if I can get a job to qualify for the loan (my father may need to co-sign, I have excellent credit, and at least 170k in liquifiable assets from my portfolio).

    I'm not sure if this is a by-product of my ailing mental health, but I considered the idea of dancing for quick cash if need be. I'm a horrible waitress, so that's out of the question. I have two master's degrees (M.A. business, M.S. Cyber/Information Security). I'm old, (43), but in great shape (healthy living has been a staple of my life). Would I be sounding like a wimp if I asked for someone seasoned or even considering dancing in the Philly/Allentown area to be willing to maybe meet up in person and discuss this option? I ask for in-person as most of my support system for my current life incident has been online and I find in-person to be exceptionally helpful. I am located approx. 1 hour North of Philly and close to Allentown. I felt I could get support from this forum as I know woman in this industry tend to be quite strong and able to persevere.

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    Default Re: Life Turned Upside Down-Possible New Dancer?

    Sorry about your loss.

    Most mature dancers-I’m a milf right now I suppose - have lots of experience and that’s why they stay in the game. That being said-you can always try a dive bar to build your confidence. I’m sure there’s lot of men who would enjoy a newbie mature dancer. Just tell them you divorced your husband because you were horny all the time and he couldn’t satisfy you, so you became a dancer. Or you bored with the corporate rat race and thought “ life is short and I want to have fun. Be prepared for negativity from customers who will try to make themselves feel better by putting you down. This industry is very ageist and sexist- just how it is. The most mature woman in the club can be drop dead gorgeous and in better shape than anyone and people will still neg here for her age. Act confident and you will be fine. Don’t let any of the younger girls make you feel bad-they just don’t understand that you can do everything “right” and still struggle now n’ days.

    I hate to say this, but I highly doubt anyone will help you beyond just being nice to you at the club. This is a dog eat dog industry. So like a bandaid just go there and try to pull it off quickly. I assume your first night will be good since your new and you have interesting story.

    If you need support you can go to a women’s shelter (you don’t have to bruises or a black eye to be abused) or a coda meeting. I highly recommend Lisa Ramanos life coaching program and strip and grow rich.

    Best of luck. Stay to yourself and go make money.
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