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    I got a payment from DEKCO UL LTD Interpay Limited. But I have no clue where it comes from. All my sites Im working on I am aware of and know the bank names.
    I started a few new sites but they dont have the amount to pay I have on that bank payment now. Any idea what that could be? I need to explain to my tax office where it comes from so they can take it into account. First payment was the 12.06.18 and second came on 4.7.18

    thanks for any help

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    Default Re: Dekco uk

    Have you used google? I got results for several companies in Ireland. Its gonna be difficult for anyone to narrow it down because we dont know what sites you're signed up with? You should try a google search with the DEKCO UL LTD Interpay Limited plus the name of each site. Also check your bank account to see if the payment line includes an email, address or phone number. Sometimes its a matter of right clicking on the name before you see a drop down option.

    And look at the fine print on each site to see if you can figure out the location.


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