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Thread: Audition tips

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    Exclamation Audition tips

    I'm super nervous about auditioning and I'm welcoming to every piece of advice that I can get to help put some of the nerves to rest. I have been watching videos on stripping for years on YouTube trying to do as much research as possible before I try to jump into it.

    Also any dance tips would be awesome, like songs, simple stage moves, how to dance to what music, just really anything would be super helpful!!!

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    I creeped your posts and saw you've been talking about auditioning since February. My advice is JUST FUCKING DO IT! Not trying to sound mean, trying to PUMP YOU THE FUCK UP TO SLAY THIS AUDITION!!!!1

    You've done a lot of research and you're more than ready. The nerves are not going to get put to rest. Auditioning is scary. Also, Karma is a cool stage name (like I said, I creeped your posts). Karma is the first stage name I danced under!

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    Just do it! The only regret you'll have is not starting sooner. You're never going to feel prepared enough, or ready enough.

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    Default Re: Audition tips

    I watch a lot of the things you comment on mostly because I'm new to this & your the 1st person I ever seen active in 2017-1018 lol sorry , , I want to dance, I have 2 little girl and I'm down to my last dollar and behind on everything, I have been feeling like I wanted to dance for years but now I’m just to the point of not caring ! I need my kids to have what they need , but I’m only about 100pounds , I live in Wisconsin and I’m soooo nervous I’m scared to audition anywhere close so I want to start traveling wanted to have a buddy but kind of said F it because I need to do something now

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