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Thread: Surviving on a clips/video content paycheck alone? doable?

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    Default Surviving on a clips/video content paycheck alone? doable?

    I've taken a big long break from making videos. I used to sell a lot of fetish stuff that I can't anymore (breastmilk!) and will have to make my way into some other categories. My life might be unpreditable these next few months concerning camming and I wonder if I could just focus on clips and only that?

    Just to throw a figure out there, would it be possible to make $2,000 + on clips sites a month?

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    Default Re: Surviving on a clips/video content paycheck alone? doable?

    We've seen it done, but you need to have the fan base in place or need to know how to build one fast, and its a lot of work. Simply churning out and posting new content does help a lot, but you also need to engage places where the fans of your particular fetish(es) hang out.

    The good news is that making a ton of good content is like a snowball effect. Your newest stuff gets bought the most, but the older stuff will continue to work for you. Once you've gotten one sale, the chances are high that person will become a "fan" and continue to purchase your new content and fish through the old stuff.

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    Default Re: Surviving on a clips/video content paycheck alone? doable?

    Its doable. Before I was making good money on webcam I only made money off selling my clips and movies on my website. This was before sites like C4S even existed and I was making at least 2000 a month. Now I do both. Its important to stay relevant with your fan base. Engage them, use social media outlets like twitter, snap, insta etc to keep you in their minds! Even if your not posting sexy stuff there then its okay. Go post a rant or have a coffee talk or snap a pic of you doing some mundane thing and dont forget to advertise custom vids if you're into doing that cause you can make really good $$ of customs and still sell them on to others.

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    Default Re: Surviving on a clips/video content paycheck alone? doable?

    My income doesnt come solely from clips but I have found that uploading 1-2 daily across all my sites and in different formats almost always guarantees at least a sale or 2 a day. As Katy mentioned the snowball effect, when I would upload new, they would almost always purchase some of the older stuff as well. Consistency is also important. Avoid the mistake of uploading regularly and then nothing. (I did this and its like starting all over) If you only upload one day a week, list that you do so they know when to look. I think it’s a lot like camming in the sense of developing a good fan base and acquiring more have to be active and they need to know when they can expect new content. Depending on your platforms, build up hype around your upcoming releases so they will anticipate. Promotion is important. Lastly, in addition to promoting and building your brand, don’t forget that the right keywords, description and teaser/preview can make a huge impact.

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