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Thread: Warning about airbnb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bahuba View Post
    more on these scumbags - article in Medium

    Digital Exile: How I Got Banned for Life from AirBnB
    That was a good read.
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    Everyone please be very careful and aware that Airbnb covers up sexual assault. I know someone who was attacked by a male host who tried to rape her. Airbnb deleted her review she posted to warn other women travelling alone and kept his listing up even though it misleads visitors to think the place is hosted by a couple when in reality it is a single man.
    There is a site called that has the complaints Airbnb tries to cover up as well as other posts about unwanted sexual advances from hosts.

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    Yeah Airbnb is sketchy af and it’s mever as good as it looks

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    I think my biggest issue with Airbnb other than their glitchy app and billing fuck up I complained about is that you dont have a way of knowing if you are gonna end up on some crack head block. Which like twice I've stayed somewhere that my surroundings and people seemed very sketchy. I've only once rented a room in a house with some male host that came off way creepy...but there was a couple renting another room in his house so I don't know if there was any real danger.

    I can definitely believe rape or sexual harrassment of some sort being a thing with Airbnb though.

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