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Thread: Is Escorting Nearly Dead?

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    Default Re: Is Escorting Nearly Dead?

    Tumblr had been working well for me until my account got deleted. I know of other girls who post there too and haven't had their accounts shutdown.

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    Default Re: Is Escorting Nearly Dead?

    I have been blessed in that this whole SESTA/FOSTA bs has not killed my buissness but I think part of that is due to me being established in the area I live in. A lot of women I know who were not established ie. women just starting out or women who did it very sporadically, didn’t have good reputations, didn’t have regulars, or didn’t save their money are hurting right now. Where I live backpage/CL used to be the go-to site. No one used Eros or top tier sites and you could still make more than enough money and like another poster mentioned I would not trust eros however I hear that’s what works in large, metropolitan cities but for a mid range city like mine it’s either adult search or skip the games which is my opinion worse than backpage. I think the trick is now since there is no go-to site to market yourself on as many sites as you can. I always ask clients where they found my number/ad and it’s always a different answer because I have put myself on every damn site I could find. Even the obscure ones and you would be surprised. Hell a lot of men are just as clueless as to what to do and tell me they are just typing in (insert city) escort and that’s how they are finding ladies.

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    My friend is an escort and I do booking and screening for her. 70% of our customers come from Twitter. The rest from Eros, Google, Slixa

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