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Thread: Need help finding a club

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    Default Need help finding a club

    This is my first post here on stripper web so hi everyone

    I really need help finding a club that my look would do well in new york. Im 22 years old most people think im 18 even though thats not a big age difference. im AA 5'3 and 120 lbs A cup but a perky booty im veryy slim my measurements are 34-24-36. Pretty face nice smile I can post pics if needed. I wanted to try clubs around queens but I was told not to waste my time because they only hire thick girls so with that being said are there any mid tier clubs where i wont have to wear gown that my aesthetic would do well in? Im a complete newb so manhattan clubs are a little intimidating.

    Oh and if any other baby strippers in the NY area need a partner im open just PM me

    Thank you all in advance for your help
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